Sponsorship Opportunities

Moore Square Magnet Middle School is the most applied to magnet middle school in the Wake County Public School System. With our robust academics and whole-person instruction, the M2 culture is a powerful instrument unique in it's unwavering encouragement and celebration of student individuality. This culture is offered to students during one of the most challenging times in human life: the transformational journey from adolescence to adulthood. It’s no surprise Wake County’s brightest students and highly-engaged parents flock to Moore Square: this unique middle school incubates a community connection that is strong, united, and committed to whole-person success.

Our school community consists of more than 650 families from all of Wake County and our social media has a reach of almost 3,000 people so this is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with engaged members of our community. Sign up to be a Sponsor online or if you prefer to send in a check, please click here.