Hear What Moore Square Administration, Staff & Students Have to Say About PTSA!

"The collaborative planning time afforded to us by the PTSA allowed the sixth grade team to provide an increased level of differentiation for our students and allowed us to talk about and develop an action plan to help specific students who were struggling across content to succeed. We have seen positive results in our classroom and in the specific students discussed as a result of this planning day. Thank you so much for allowing us to have this opportunity!"

Courtney Bone, 6th Grade English & Language Arts

"Half-day teacher planning has been a tremendous benefit for me and my students because it has allowed me to devote time specifically for modifying my lessons and for reflecting on what needs to be done to plan out my curriculum effectively in order to meet the needs of all of my students."

Kristen Kemp, 6th Grade Science Teacher

"It is a great feeling, knowing we have a PTSA that works so hard to provide us teachers with a half-day for planning, so I can develop inter-curricular lessons with my peers and better communicate with the parents of Moore Square."

Ross Anderson, 7th Grade Social Studies


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